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In 2001, TISCOR launched FacilityManager, a groundbreaking computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) designed to streamline preventive maintenance inspections using Palm Pilots. FacilityManager revolutionized the process of planning, scheduling, and tracking maintenance management activities and gave facility personnel the ability to go completely paperless. Since then, that technology has developed into InspectNTrack, an industry-leading inspection software.

Let’s take a look at what TISCOR has done in the past two decades to continuously improve its inspection software.

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TISCOR Releases FacilityManager 3.0

Continuous advances in mobile technology led to a 2005 release of Brady/TISCOR FacilityManager 3.0. This new technology contained within version 3.0 replaced Palm Pilots with Window’s Pocket PC devices. This made it even easier for facility personnel to record and track all of their maintenance tasks, reduce downtime, and generate reports proving their maintenance activities and outcomes. This new release continued to be an industry leader for facility maintenance software.

TISCOR FacilityManager Launches InspectNTrack

TISCOR FacilityManager Continues To Innovate

Building upon the success of FacilityManager, Brady continued to develop the software to meet the needs of its customers, and in 2012 they launched an updated system with a new name: InspectNTrack. InspectNTrack offered cloud hosting and an Apple iOS compatible mobile app combined with an updated look and feel. A seamless FacilityManager upgrade tool was created along with the new software, and in order to take advantage of the new technology and added features, most FacilityManager customers upgraded their systems to InspectNTrack.

In 2020 the InspectNTrack system was acquired by Wentworth Inc, an inspection software development company. A modern mobile application with Android, Apple iOS, and Windows 10 compatibility was released so that customers could replace their aging Pocket PC devices. Development is underway to cater to today’s technical needs such as single sign on (SSO), business intelligence integrations, and geolocating of assets.

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InspectNTrack’s Industry Leading Technology

TISCOR FacilityManager and InspectNTrack have set the industry standard for inspection software for the last two decades. Although competing software has come and gone over the years, none have been able to replicate the functionality and usefulness of FacilityManager or InspectNTrack. Upgrade tools are still available to FacilityManager users who want to retain core functionality but take advantage of InspectNTrack’s modern features. Contact Wentworth today for a free demo of InspectNTrack.

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